Episode 7 – THDprospective electrical tool giveaway coming

Electrician U
Electrician U
Episode 7 - THDprospective electrical tool giveaway coming

Well everyone….the time is here! I’m in New York City for this year’s #THDProSpective tool event and I’m about to find out what tool manufacturers will be sending me over the next year to test, review, and give away!

I’ve never been to New York City before and holy shit is it a big change from my small little piece of the Texas Hill Country. I’m used to seeing rolling green hills with trees and water surrounding everywhere. NYC has almost no greenery in sight. From the time you walk out of a building there’s no perspective of nature around. It’s pretty much concrete and brick everywhere and no view of the horizon. That being said I’m astounded what it looks like to have millions of people crammed into one city, all busy and tasked with important places to be. The pace of life here is incredible.

I met today at Facebook Headquarters in Manhattan and got to play around with their interactive displays, as well as meet with Home Depot execs about how the program will progress. Going forward every quarter I will be sent a group of tools from various big brands that Home Depot sells. I won’t have much of a choice in WHAT I’m sent, only that every 3 months it will be a new bundle of goodies. I got training from Facebook on how to better use their platform, as well as how to integrate the #ThdProspective program with Instagram and Instagram Stories.

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