Last Time You Used The NEC – Episode 25

Electrician U
Electrician U
Last Time You Used The NEC - Episode 25

A lot of us have studied or are in the process of studying the NEC in order to pass a test for licensing or to get a job promotion, or even to settle a dispute. But when was the last time you used the NEC to help you do your job? When was the last time that the NEC was instrumental in your decision making process while designing an installation or solving a problem? Members of the U Crew will share practical applications of the NEC that didn’t have anything to do with passing a test or dealing with an inspector. So if you’re of the mindset where you just want to do the work and you’re really not interested in the hows, the whys, or the rules of doing electrical work, you may want to take some time to hear the experiences of those who have needed the code book on more than one occasion. 

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