Those Who Didn’t Make It Home – Episode 1

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Electrician U
Those Who Didn't Make It Home - Episode 1

From time to time we like to show each other our battle scars from previous injuries. Some of us even talk about permanent injuries and disfigurements that we use as a cautionary tales to others. But then there are those who get hurt and end up leaving the jobsite that day in an ambulance.

Some of us think that OSHA is there to give us a hard time, and often times they do, especially when there isn’t exactly a 100% “safe” way of doing certain types of tasks. We accept the risks and perform the work as safely as possible and take additional precautions in the event that things go wrong.

But in doing that, we tend to become more laxed in the less dangerous tasks which often ends up in a catastrophic situation. When you read through all of the stories on OSHA’s website, some of the accidents were learning opportunities from situations that otherwise couldn’t have been predicted. But most of the accidents, injuries, and deaths resulted from a worker taking short cuts, not using the correct tool for the task, or when they weren’t using a proper amount of PPE.

Why do people take short cuts? Why do people work unsafe? Why are some of us in a rush just to get the job done in lieu of getting the right tool, even if that means finishing the project tomorrow instead of today?

In this week’s podcast we’ll be sharing examples of preventable deaths and severe injuries where the worker didn’t make it home that day.

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