20 Books Electricians Need To Read

If you aspire to be a wizard electrician, or just somebody super into electricity, this episode is for you.  I’ve compiled a good chunk of my electrical library, and in this video I go through the 20 books that I think are worth reading and why. As many of you know, I’m a nerd.  I read a lot of electrical articles, magazines, books, etc.  I’ve had quite a few people ask me on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter what books they should read, and where might they find practice tests for taking their Journeyman test. So…I’ve compiled a list of my top 20 electrical books (listed in order of the video)
Trigonometry – (really…any trigonometry text book that was written in the last 10 years will work)  Trigonometry deals with angles, and as an electrician that helps you understand sine waves, pipe bending, and layout.  Trig is not essential to know to be an electrician, but it will help you out if you do know it.
Basic Electricity And Electronics – A great intro to the fundamentals of electricity, how it works, what it is, and the basic components involved.  This goes a little into ohm’s law as well.
Currents, Fields, And Particles – This is an old-school electrical engineering or physics book I’m sure.  Super dense with calculus level math, and physics.  It’s a great read if you can hang with it.
Electronics From The Ground Up – A good fudamentals book for you hackers and tinkerers out there.  This goes more into electronics than electrical
Principles Of Electrodynamics – Another old-school electrical engineering/physics text
Electricity 1-7 – Hands down the best book on the planet for every electrician to read.  It covers the technicalities of theory and explains everything in a very straight forward way.  The illustrations on every page help visual learners as well.  BUY THIS BOOK TODAY!
Grounding v.s. Bonding – One of Mike Holt’s books, very in depth.  Packed with tons of great illustrations, code references, and explanations beyond the code.
Basic Motor Controls – Another one of Mike Holt’s books, this pertains less to code than actual components, diagrams, schematics, and ladder logic.  Good book to get your chops around if you’re just starting down your path into motor controls.
Industrial Motor Controls – This is another one of my favorites.  So in depth, this book covers everything you’ll come across in the field from switches, relays, contactors to motors, generators, transformers, and all of the thousands of switching devices that interact with these components to make automation happen.
Principals of Electric Circuits – College text book, nothing special except for instructional math, example problems you can work through.  Focuses a lot more on electronics than electrical.
Transformer Principals And Applications – I’ve never known there was so much to know about transformers until I read this book.  It demands a little knowledge of electrical so it’s not a good starter book if you’re a day one greenhorn but by the end of it you’ll know more than you could ever imagine. BUY THIS BOOK!
The Tesla Papers – This is more of a fun book to read if you’re super nerdy and like history.  It goes through a lot of Nikola Tesla’s papers, experiments, and diagrams.  Loads of great perspective from this guy.
Tesla – Master Of Lightning – Another good book simply for novelty.  Not a lot to learn theory from here, but a good one if you like Tesla and want to know more about him.
Current N.E.C Code Book (NFPA 70) – Duh…
Understanding The Electrical Code Vol. 1 – Mike Holt’s explanation (with images) of the NEC chapters 1-4
Understanding The Electrical Code Vol. 2 – Mike Holt’s explanation (with images) of the NEC chapters 5-8
Electrical Exam Preparation – Mike Holt’s exam prep book, very good to get your hands ahold of if you’re looking for study materials for a journeyman/master electrician test.
Dewalt Electrical Licensing Exam Guide – Another great study guide chalked full of practice tests.  Seriously…TONS of tests.  Just be sure to buy the most current version available.
Electrical Courses For Apprentices And Journeymen – This is right up there with Electricity 1-7 as far as depth and quality.  This book is a MUST HAVE.  Buy it and read it, re-read it, and read it again.  It will continue to teach you as you grow in your career.  There’s not much that isn’t covered in this book.
EC&M Magazine – In my opinion, the ONLY electrical magazine to concern yourself with.  There are others, but they mostly talk about the industry and brands, whereas EC&M talks about things that matter to us guys in the field. There are more books that could be added to this list but I figured in light of this being my 20th episode, I’d do 20 books to make it easier. Please let me know if there are any other books out there that you’ve read that you think would make an outstanding addition (or trade) to this list.