CONDUIT FILL EXAMPLES for the Modern Electrician – How Many Conductors Can I Put In…

Many electricians struggle with understanding how many conductors they’re supposed to put in a raceway. If you haven’t had a formal education over how to do this, or did not have a good teacher this may be something you struggle with often.

There are 4 different tables that you need to familiarize yourself with in the National Electrical Code. These are:

  • Chapter 9 Table 1
  • Chapter 9 Table 4
  • Chapter 9 Table 5
  • Annex C Table C.1

Chapter 9 Table 1 is a good place to start as the notes under the tables tell you exactly how to deal with conductors of various types and situations. In this video I go over conduit fill for different sized conductors, same sized conductors, and nipples – when dealing with THHN conductors and EMT (electrical metallic tubing).