CONDUIT FILL EXAMPLES – How Many Conductors Can I Put In…

This video is packed with useful information on how to calculate examples of conduit fill using the National Electrical Code as the basis. If you’ve struggled understanding conduit fill, this should do the trick.

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Many electricians struggle with understanding how many conductors they’re supposed to put in a raceway. If you haven’t had a formal education over how to do this, or did not have a good teacher this may be something you struggle with often.

There are 4 different tables that you need to familiarize yourself with in the National Electrical Code.

These are:

Chapter 9 Table 1

Chapter 9 Table 4

Chapter 9 Table 5

Annex C Table C.1

Chapter 9 Table 1 is a good place to start as the notes under the tables tell you exactly how to deal with conductors of various types and situations. In this video, I go over conduit fill for different sized conductors, same sized conductors, and nipples – when dealing with THHN conductors and EMT (electrical metallic tubing).