TOOL REVIEW – Ryobi ONE+ 18V 3/8 Impact Wrench

 Post sponsored by The Home Depot - #thdprospective #homedepot
Post sponsored by The Home Depot – #thdprospective #homedepot

I’ve been getting to use a lot more Ryobi stuff over the past couple of years, and I have to say they’ve definitely stepped up their game. I wouldn’t consider them a pro-grade option for tradesmen, but I have to admit – for literally anybody else these tools are providing a hell of a lot of power and value for their price.

First Impression

I was surprised when I opened this box up. The tool feels rugged, and immediately made me think…Whoa Ryobi, you’re putting some elbow grease into these tools nowadays! Ryobi has never marketed itself as a “PRO-grade” tool company – their tools are meant for the DIY or at-home user. However, lately, I’ve been finding their innovation and rigidity in design have made these a viable option for apprentices in the trades to have something to affordably start with.


I don’t use a whole lot of 3/8” or 1/2” drive impact wrenches as an electrician, mostly what we use are 1/4” impact DRIVERS. They both do roughly the same thing, but the ability to drill, drive, and screw with a 1/4” is more attractive to an electrician. With an impact wrench literally all you can do with it is hook up sockets.

That being said, if I was in automotive or fabrication this would be a great tool to have. If you’re driving several fasteners, nuts, bolts etc throughout the day, this tool provides an amazing amount of torque and power. I built a strut rack with it using 1/2” bolts and nuts, and it did an outstanding job handling the task. I love that there’s a magnet on the base where the battery is housed, as it helps you hold washers but I find with large bolts and nuts they get in the way more than anything. This would be an outstanding thing to have on a standard drill so you can secure multiple screws, but for a driver of this size, you’re mainly dealing with large fasteners. Still, a really cool idea.

I like the tri-beam LED better than having a singular LED bulb, and the tool has 3 speeds rather than the traditional high and low. This comes in handy so you have more control over the speed and power of the tool while you’re using it.

Info from

RYOBI introduces the 18-Volt ONE+ Cordless 3/8 in. 3-Speed Impact Wrench. This 3/8 in. Impact Wrench is compact and powerful. It produces 150 ft./lbs. of torque and up to 3,400 impacts per minute allowing you to use this tool for a variety of automotive applications. This tool features a 3-speed selector switch and tri-beam LED lights for work space visibility. The 3/8 in. size is common and works with most sockets. This 18-Volt ONE+ 3/8 in. Impact Wrench can be paired with any 18-Volt ONE+ battery. Best of all, it is part of the RYOBI ONE+ World’s Largest 18-Volt Tool System. Backed by the RYOBI 3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty, the 18-Volt ONE+ Cordless 3/8 in. 3-Speed Impact Wrench includes a belt clip and an operator’s manual. Battery and charger sold separately.

  • 3/8 in. square anvil with hog ring to change sockets easily

  • Impact mechanism produces 150 ft./lbs. of torque and up to 3,400 impacts per minute (IPM) for a variety of heavy-duty applications

  • Powerful motor allows for tightening or loosening various nuts and bolts

  • 3-Speed Selector Switch offers greater control over a wide range of fastening applications

  • Speed 1: For precision fastening (0-1,700/min)

  • Speed 2: For controlling driving depth and fastener tension (0-2,500/min)

  • Speed 3: For maximum torque (0-3,200/min)

  • Tri-Beam LED Light increases work area visibility

  • GRIPZONE overmold for optimum grip and user comfort

  • Any 18-Volt ONE+ blue or green tool works with any 18-Volt ONE+ battery

  • Part of the RYOBI ONE+ World’s Largest 18-Volt Tool System

  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty

  • Includes: Includes: (1) P236 18-Volt ONE+ Cordless 3/8 in. 3-Speed Impact Wrench, (1) belt clip, and operators manual

  • Battery and charger sold separately

  • Stem pack style battery

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While I’m impressed with the quality of this tool, I am a pro-grade user. I need something that is far more rugged, and powerful for doing electrical work all-day, every day. This would be a great tool for someone to have at home, or for basic repair work, or maybe for an apprentice looking to get into the trades. This beginner set will probably last them a year or two until they really needed something more powerful that is adaptable to far more specific tools that tradesmen use. I still give it a 4 out 5-star rating for quality.

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