The Role Of A Journeyman Electrician – How Things Change When You Get That License

After being an apprentice for 4 years, you start to wonder what it will be like to be a Journeyman Electrician.  In this episode I talk about the risks, rewards, and headaches of getting your J-card.  Some people choose to remain apprentices and never take the test to get their licenses, but others can’t wait to earn the title “electrician.”  So what’s it like after taking that test, and getting to run jobs?  Well you’ve most likely seen the guys you work around have to deal with customers, deal with the boss, deal with materials, and deal with, deal with, deal with.

Being a Journeyman Electrician means you deal with a lot of shit.  Everything comes down to you for the jobs you’re on, from the materials, the quality of work, the customers’ happiness, efficiency, making or losing money, passing or failing inspections, all of it.   Some people can’t wait to have that much responsibility, but others realize the mountain of challenges and being on top of your game is nothing to take lightly.  The level of responsibility increases dramatically when you start running your own jobs.  The pay should be increased proportionately as well.  But it’s ok that you’re being paid more now, because now you’re an income earner.  Whatever loss the company incurs in paying you, they make back three-fold in you bringing in an income.