TOOL REVIEW – HUSKY 19 in. Pro Hybrid Tote with Tool Organizer

This is a cool little bag that gives you a lot of portability options with your tools. I am a huge fan of hard-cases for use in the electrical trade, especially for storage in your truck or van for “extra” tools. I use hard bags to keep things that I don’t use as often, but still use somewhat frequently; like large channel-locks, roto-splitter, speed-square, monkey-wrench, spare drill bits, hole-saws, crimpers, etc. Let’s see how this Husky tote stacks up.

First Impression

This bag feels sturdy and rugged, so I’m not afraid of it breaking if I load it up with heavy tools. I do see some missed opportunities for pouches though, it seems like this is more of a general-use tote than a hand-tool-specific tote. This makes sense though, since Husky doesn’t make trade-specific bags. Almost all of their bags are meant for general use that can be applied to anyone in the “home improvement” space.

I also like the handles that come on the sides of the bag, as well as the handles that are fixed to the top. It’s great that they give you two options for carrying this tote.

As for filling the bag up, there are a few pouches that will fit most standard tools in them, as well as elastic loops that stretch around the handles, or top portions, of the tools you put in it. This seems like an alright idea but I find in practice they’re more annoying and get in the way than they are helpful.

I was a little disapponted to see that, as an electrician, I can’t really fit all of the things I need in here. This isn’t set up to have an entire collection of tools inside, more as a sort of “catch-all” for a host of different types of tools. Unfortunately, an electrician needs a bag that is set up for several of the same thing. On average an electrician will have several screw-driving/nut-driving tools, multi (11-in-1 or 6-in-1) tools, sheetrock saws, roto-splitters, files, chisels, and levels. Also we will have a bunch of hand-tools, both insulated and non-insulated, including lineman’s pliers, side-cutting pliers, needle-nose pliers, strippers, crimpers, various sized channel-locks, multimeters and other test equipment, a drill, a bag of bits, and a whole host of different allan/torx/square/philips/flat tips for drilling. There’s actually a ton more than that, but you get my point. This bag is far underwhelming to an electrician. However it would work great for the average DIY’er or handyman as a catch-all.

The weird thing that appears to be more of a gimmick than serve a professional purpose, is the little binder (tool organizer) that comes with the kit. I was really excited when I saw this, because my imagination ran wild with what the inside could look like. Again, I was a little disappointed when I opened it up and started putting tools in it.

The inside of this tool organizer is made up of a few small/skinny pouches for fitting screw-drivers or skinny items like needle-nosed pliers in them. The other side of the bag has two shallow, low-profile pouches that are less-restrictive and better suited for slightly larger hand-tools. They have the same elastic stretchy bands above the pouches to help secure the tool in place rather than sliding around. This is a cool idea, because we all have bags that get tipped over and all of our tools get jumbled around. However in practice, this organizer just doesn’t house enough tools to make it worth keeping around, as an electrician anyways.

I was able to fit 4 hand-tools, 4 screw-drivers/nut-drivers, a level, and a couple of drill bits in the bag. Not that practical for everyday use in the electrical field. Not only would I have to keep this thing zipped up, but I’d have to pull it out of another bag just to get access to the tools. I think this type of set up would be far better used as a drill bit case, or an accessory case for all of your allen-wrenches, T-handles, levels, crimpers, wrenches, files, and other non-essential tools. That way you’re only reaching in to it for those “once-in-awhile” tools that you rarely use.

Info From

The Husky Pro Hybrid Tote features an open universal center storage area for larger tools and a second custom compartment for the included Tool Organizer which provides organized, easy access to critical tools on-the-go. The outside of the tote is constructed of heavy-duty 1680D fabric with full reinforced edges for durability and 5 heavy-duty feet protect the base. The tote also has an easy-access tape clip, top padded carry handles and dual truck handles for variety of transport options.

  • Constructed of heavy-duty 1680D polyester fabric, water-resistant material

  • Reinforced edging prevents wear on all corners and edges

  • 5 heavy-duty feet protect the base

  • Large universal open center storage area for larger tools

  • Includes tool organizer for organized, easy access to critical tools on-the-go

  • Easy-access tape clip on outside of tote

  • Dual truck handles provide quick carry or grab point

  • Tote has 6 external pockets, 18 internal pockets and custom Pro Tool Organizer case slot

  • Tool Organizer case has interior pockets and elastic straps designed to securely hold your tools in place

  • Dual lockable zippers secure main compartment of Tool Organizer for theft prevention

  • Interior zipper pocket for smaller items

  • 10 additional interior pockets and 5 elastic straps to organize and secure tools in place


The combination of these two bags makes the set a bit more versatile, however for someone in the electrical trade, this is better used as an “extras” bag that goes in the truck. I do like that this is sort of a “bucket” that can be used to throw larger tools like hammers, pry-bars, channel-locks, etc inside. However, I find that I’d prefer something a little larger for that sort of use. I don’t see myself using the organizer (binder), so for my purposes it will probably be left in my garage. All of that being said I give this 3 out of 5 stars for electrical use. Surely someone with less specific tool needs will give this a higher rating however.

For more detailed information on this Husky Tote CLICK HERE.

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  1. I feel the same about the extra storage binder,I am keeping my table saw guard and kick back safety blade cover and tools for the saw in it,just so happens that it fits inside the saws framing.The open area of the bag fits my impact and driver guns and in job site movement makes for quick load out and roll up.

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