TOOL REVIEW – Ryobi ONE+ 18V 3/8 Impact Wrench

I’ve been getting to use a lot more Ryobi stuff over the past couple years, and I have to say they’ve definitely stepped up their game. I wouldn’t consider them a pro-grade option for tradesmen, but I have to admit - for literally anybody else these tools are providing a hell of a lot of power and value for their price. Read More

TOOL REVIEW – Dewalt Atomic Mini Circular Saw

Today I get to mess with a new saw! I’ve used standard 7 1/4” circular saws for a long time, so it’s pretty awesome that I finally get to try out a 4 1/2” version. As an electrician, I think this may be a better tool to have on a job site than a large circular saw so let’s get into it. Read More