About Us

Electricians. Not the suit and tie type...the ones that wear tools, like you do.

Dustin has been making training content since 2016.

Dustin Stelzer is a Master Electrician in Austin, TX who still today works out in the field with his tools on.  He developed Electrician U in 2016 and started making training videos on YouTube and Instagram.  In 2019 he was able to start developing training full-time for fortune 500 companies, trade schools, manufacturers, and tool companies.  Dustin has always enjoyed teaching people just as much as he has doing electrical work.

the following that got us here

Numbers speak for themselves


Quality comes first! We’ve spent countless hours building educational content that puts the pursuit of knowledge into your hands.  We made it thorough and accessible in hopes that every electrician who wants to learn more about their craft, has the opportunity to.


If you’re just here to stop by and peek around at all of the free resources we offer, there’s a ton.  Go over to THE SPARK page brows til your heart is content.


If you’re looking to deep dive and really grow as an electrician, we have practice exams that allow you to jump into learning code and testing yourself to see where you’re at.

Many have asked, so we are in the process of developing courses on many topics.

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