Frequently Asked Questions for the various products and services around our brand

Continuing Education

  • When a state has a process in place for us to send in your completion we the business morning after you complete a course. Not all states allow us to submit for you however. Please see individual course instructions for details on your state.

Some of the approval processes take longer than others but we are working night and day to get your state added to our list. We will notify everyone as new states are added!

We are working on a process to remind you of your due date, this function will be available soon.

Yes, Continuing Education for the states that we are approved in is free for Monthly and Yearly Members for as long as they’re a member.

We will have a page soon that lists all of the requirements. For states that we are already approved in you will see the requirements in the detail section of the courses offered

Depending on the state requirements you may be able to pick and choose your courses. Specific instructions are included on the course pages.

We’d love to hear them! Email us at support@electricianu.com or give us a call at 888-227-5222

We’re always looking for more people to join the team! Email us at support@electricianu.com or give us a call at 888-227-5222


Yes! We send out a sticker pack to each new member just for joining no matter what the membership level. You also get all the perks of the membership level you signed up for, as well as notifications of all new products and services before anybody else hears about them.  To view a comparison of each of the membership levels visit our Membership Page

Two levels: Member and Supporter. A Member gets all the perks and a Supporter gets a discount on merch and the Spark newsletter.


At the moment we do not have gender-specific merch. We have unisex t-shirts that fit a little bit more loosely, and a fitted shirt that is a little tighter and more form fitting.  We are working on developing a line of products for females specifically.  If you would like to submit suggestions we're happy to hear them.  Please email us at support@electricianu.com

All of our hats are standard adult-sized snapback style, so they're all adjustable to fit most adults.

For merch, we have a 14-day return policy assuming you have not worn the item. Send us an email before you ship it back to us, please. For all electronic products, there are no returns. If you're having trouble please contact us through and we'll help you as much as we can.


Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover

Not yet, but it's on our radar

Email us at support@electricianu.com or give us a call at 888-227-5222

Email us at support@electricianu.com or give us a call at 888-227-5222

Electrician U

The UCREW is a band of misfits and knuckleheads who are the closest, most dedicated supporters of Electrician U.  They're the people at the core of the Electrician U community - the pillars that keep us propped up, so to speak.

We're constantly looking to add other professionals to our team, whether it's to lead classes, write articles, make videos, or anything else you can think of.  Please email us at support@electricianu.com or give us a call at 888-227-5222

We do.  We've partnered with dozens of brands since 2017 to help curate content that is beneficial to our audience and allows for industry brands to be showcased to our followers. Email us at support@electricianu.com or give us a call at 888-227-5222 and we can set up some time to talk more about what ideas you have.

Becoming an Electrician

Both of these paths are great. They offer incredible paths up the “mountain,” so to speak. The paths have different views, different twists, and turns, but overall you’ll still arrive at the same destination. Some places will require you to join the Union, but most will not. Click Here to watch a video Dustin did on this topic.

There are opinions on both sides of the aisle here but typically most will agree that getting right into an apprenticeship and being paid to learn is the best-case scenario as well as most common. Some companies will not pay to put you through school while you’re working, others will. We recommend using school to enhance your field experience and gain more knowledge on top of that experience. We do not recommend that you supplement field experience with school. School can only get you so far, companies hire off of experience with tools in hands. Just be sure that any school you decide to go to will give you real experience and if they promise to give you some kind of certificate make sure that it gives you hours towards your license otherwise you’re just paying a high premium for an incredible waste of time. Click Here to watch a video Dustin did on this topic.

There are many different types of electricians out there. Many use slight variations of tools for their specific environments. We have however put together a general Apprentice tool list here that you can use as a foundation to start from that applies broadly. Free Apprentice Tool List.

We recommend you do what you're passionate about.  Some people find a niche and love to stick to it, others are after a wealth of knowledge so they move around and take new opportunities constantly.  All of these options listed are great segments of the industry to be in, but we do find getting into Residential New Construction really provides a great foundation to build upon.  Check out Dustin's video on the topic.

 Live Online Group Classes on Zoom

Contact us at support@electricianu.com or call us at 888-227-5222, any time up to 24-hours before a class. You’re welcome to contact us via phone or email and reschedule your tutoring for another date.  Note that canceling within the 24-hour window before the class/tutoring will result in forfeiture of the payment.

We require a 24-hour notice for cancellations. We schedule our teachers to be available at the times on the schedule and pay them to be there at those times regardless. Having a student not show up for tutoring without notice or at the last minute results in a loss of the appointment without the possibility of a refund. To cancel, contact us at support@electricianu.com or call us at 888-227-5222

We operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. If the instructor you're looking for has availability then yes you may request them. Keep in mind though, each instructor has a mix of different classes they lead, as well as a tutoring schedule, and many of them teach in-person classes, write articles, books, and publications, on top of still working out in the field as electricians. This means the times they're available are scheduled in advance and in most cases, these are the only times they are available. You can email us at support@electricianu.com and ask if there are any times that may work outside of the normal schedule and we’ll be happy to ask the instructor if they have time outside of their normal schedule to make things work but this is not a common occurrence.

Yes, throughout the year our entire curriculum has cycles. Some classes repeat quicker than others depending on the subject matter. Most classes are held several times per year and led by multiple different instructors.

To ensure a quality offering for our students that allows them the quality time and attention necessary from our instructors, we limit class sizes.

Contact us at support@electricianu.com or call us at 888-227-5222, we cannot make any guarantees but we'll do our best to figure out a way to help you.

 Nebraska Continuing Education

You need a total of 12 hours by January 1st of each odd numbered year.

If your completion is after December 31st @ midnight central time you will need to take the Nebraska licensing test again. Nebraska does not allow you to take continuing education after the deadline. Refunds are not available after December 29th for Nebraska courses. If you complete your continuing education after the deadline you will not receive any credit.

All 12 hours may be taken online.

Most computers come with everything you would need to take the self-paced online course.

    • A web cam with decent resolution. All recent laptops and smart phones have a camera built in. If you need a web cam we highly recommend the Logitech C920 however just about any decent webcam will work.
        • The online course utilizes facial recognition to confirm your identity during the course. Identity verification is required by the Nebraska Electrical Division for all online courses. Most cameras work just fine for facial recognition.


        • A screen big enough to see the text and/or video


        • Speakers to hear the audio




Yes. Completions are submitted the next business day.

 Utah Continuing Education

You need a total of 16hours every two years. Most licenses expire November 30th of each even numbered year.

All 16 hours may be taken online.

You must have 4 hours of NFPA 70E education and a minimum of 8 hours in code.

Yes. Completions are submitted the next business day.

 Wisconsin Continuing Education

All 24 hours may be taken online.

There are no requirements for a specific number of code hours in WI.

Yes. Completions are submitted the next business day.