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TRANSFORMERS – What They Are, How They Work, How To Size Them

Let’s open up a transformer and dig through it to see how they work. Transformers are extremely useful devices used in electrical systems to raise and lower voltage. They’re also used for isolation, typically in cleaning up power. They only exist in the world of Alternating Current however, so in DC circuits you won’t find transformers used.

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2019 IDEAL National Championship for Electricians

I was invited to this year’s IDEAL National Championship for electricians in Orlando, Florida and was blown away at the level of pomp-and-circumstance surrounding this event. I’d heard about this event in the past but had never put much effort into finding out more about it. Here’s some of the footage for the event.

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Electrician’s Hole-Saw Kit by Diablo

Today we talk about the Diablo 16-Piece Electrician’s Holesaw kit, and how it differs from most other hole-saw brands out there. This kit is primarily for drilling out holes for conduit fittings, so the sizes are limited to what electricians use for terminating into enclosures.

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TOOL REVIEW – Gorilla Grip Max Impact with RhinoFlex

I’m a fan of a GOOD set of gloves to work with every day. The problem is that gloves start coming apart over time, and you have to continually buy new ones. Some are better than others though, so I’m always in search of a new “favorite.” Let’s see how the Gorilla Grip RhinoFlex glove compares to the rest.

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