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Episode 3 – Wiring For And Installing A Switch

This episode covers the basics of installing an electrical switch.  I cover mounting boxes, drilling holes, running 12/2 romex from a power source to a new switch box.  From that switch box I install another piece of 12/2 romex to a light above.  After wiring and rough-in I install a decor single-pole 15a switch and a keyless fixture with a lightbulb.

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Episode 2 – Tools Every Apprentice Electrician Needs

If you’re about to start your career as an electrician but don’t have a clue what tools you need, feel free to consult this list.  In this video I talk about all of the tools that I deem necessary to start your career with.  There will be endless tools that you will buy through the years but these are the basics that every apprentice electrician needs.

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Episode 1 – Electrical Testers and Multi-meters (Electricians’ Test Equipment)

In this episode we talk about the many different types of electrical testing equipment that electricians use daily.  This is a list of the multimeters and electrical testers that I use, as an electrician, most often.  We cover, plug testers, non contact voltage testers, toners, multimeters, amp clamp and ammeters, continuity, amperage, voltage, capacitance, and resistance.  If you’re looking to buy a new tester or just don’t know where to begin, this episode is a great place to start.

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