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Episode 40 – 11 MORE confusing code terms – UNDERSTANDING THE NEC (PART 2)

Let’s face it…the national electric code book is probably the most difficult construction document to read and understand. It’s written like a court document in legalese, using terms none of us use in the field, for the sake of liability and C.Y.A. These are 11 terms that are used in the NEC that I feel people struggle with understanding when they first buy a code book.

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Episode 39 – Using Ohm’s Law In The Field – ELECTRICIAN MATH REAL WORLD EXAMPLES

Doing math, for many people, is one of the things that holds them back from advancing in their career as an electrician.  “I’m just not good at math,” I often hear.  Knowing how to apply Ohm’s Law calculations in the field is crucial for your ability to think critically, on the fly, about what may be happening in a circuit – and electrician math is really not that scary.  Let’s dive in.

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