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Episode 16 – THEORY – Electric Current (Amperes/Amps)

Electric current is one of the hardest things to wrap your head around when you’re first getting into the electrical trade.  Many apprentice electricians get confused with the difference between current and amps.  Well, that’s because people talk about electrons and charges and interchange the terms without really knowing what the difference is.

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Episode 14 – Difference Of Potential (Voltage)

In order for electricity to work, there has to be movement. Static electricity still needs movement to occur in order to discharge and equalize charges. The only way that movement becomes useful is once there is a difference of potential present. That is what voltage is all about.

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Episode 12 – How To Wire A Switch Loop

This episode is something a lot of green apprentices need to watch.  Switch-loops are very difficult to grasp when you’re new to the trade, and in this show I break down how to install and wire for these bad boys.

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