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Meet your instructors: Dustin Stelzer – Angel Savoy – Chad German – Don Metcalf – James Keyes – Mark Delle Bovi

Classes are non-credit unless noted as state/organization approved. Each class has a specific color that correlates with the instructor who’s teaching the class.

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Meet Your Instructors

Angel Marie Savoy

Angel is a Master Electrician and founder of Titan Power, LLC. With over 30 years of experience in the telecommunications and electrical industry, Angel has a passion for everything dealing with Power! As a Master Electrician who also teaches National Electric Code, she strives to be the bridge between what is currently in the lab and what can be made safe once out in the field.  Her passion is onsite power, whether through distributed generation (microgrids and nanogrids) and/or local generation of power.

Chad German

Chad German is a Master Electrician, NEC Code Consultant, and the Lead Electrical Instructor MTECH in Lehi Utah. Chad is very strong with his knowledge of the National Electrical Code and practices teaching from the field. Chad has earned a following on TikTok and Instagram where he discusses codes that apply to electricians in the field.

Donny Metcalf

Donny is a Master Electrician in Waco, TX with over 20 years of experience in the electrical trade. He has been an instructor for many years, several of those with the Central Texas branch of the IEC (Centex IEC), and currently works as a Project Manager at Lochridge Priest

Dustin Stelzer

Dustin Stelzer is the President and CEO of Electrician U. He’s also a Master Electrician living in Austin, TX with 15 years of experience in the electrical trade. Dustin has worked on nearly all sides of the electrical trade from high-end custom homes and multifamily dwellings to small and medium commercial buildings and industrial facilities – on both the new construction and service sides. Dustin’s strength is explaining complex topics in easy-to-understand ways. Dustin’s goal is to provide quality education to all who seek it, in a way that is approachable and easy to understand.

James Keyes

James is a 14-year licensed electrician and NCCER Master Electrical Instructor out of Lewisville, Tx. He’s also an Electrical instructor at TECC West, a career technology high school. James has worked in Industrial, commercial and residential. He also is a master instructor for the National Field Services training center, an engineering and engineering tech company.

Mark Delle Bovi

Mark Delle Bovi has over 10 years of experience working as a consulting engineer with extensive experience in the design of power systems and infrastructure for High rise buildings, Hotels, Research laboratories, and Hospitals. He brings extensive knowledge of the NEC and building codes to the team . Mark has a passion for engineering, teaching and mentoring. Mark is a registered professional engineer in New York and Florida.