180 Degree Education Joins Electrician U

We are very excited to join the Electrician U family providing you with the most entertaining and informative video based electrical education on the planet.

What Electrician U Offers

A Video First, Mobile Optimized platform taught from the field, to the field


Membership comes with just about everything we have available for a super low subscription

Continuing Education

State approved education provides entertaining hours that fits your busy schedule


Video Courses and Practice Exams are available individually


Show that you’re part of the UCrew and grab some Merch

About Us

Electrician U was founded by Dustin Stelzer, a Master Electrician in Austin, Texas who still works out in the field today. He started Electrician U in 2016 by making training videos on YouTube and Instagram, so anyone out there who sought deeper knowledge of the craft had access to it. Teaching from the field has always been Dustin’s passion and to this day he enjoys teaching apprentices and journeyman the same way he learned, with a pair of Klein’s in his rough calloused hands, and a tool belt strapped around his waist.



In 2020 Dustin met Brett Hallongren, who had experience with providing continuing education to electricians and they struck a partnership to develop Electrician U into a full-blown school for electricians. The idea is to build a scalable video first training platform that provides multiple levels of education to all electricians, regardless of what affiliations they have or where they’re located. 



In 2022 Electrician U launched our online instructor-lead classes, self-paced video courses, practice exams, and state-approved continuing education in dozens of states. We’ve teamed up with several instructors and industry experts to help speed up the pace of contact creation and getting instruction to more students who need help.

Our Mission

The idea of Electrician U was born from a lack of availability of quality educational material, for electricians, on the web. There are tons of people teaching code classes, but nobody teaching electrical work, from the field. We sit and watch many traditional trade schools takes peoples money and not give any true value to the students, so something was needed to get education out to the people in need, without ripping them off. 


We’ve also watched big trade institutions huddle up and keep out the people who need help the most, just to take care of their buddies who are “in the right crowd.” This US vs THEM attitude has created so much infighting and divisiveness in the industry for years. There’s been a chasm between old and young, service and construction, male and female, union and merit, and as a result – everything else you can imagine that could possibly be argued about. We need some new influences in our industry. Some positive people who care about others and want to affect positive change are needed in the space. Inclusiveness is the way forward, and it’s up to our generation to step up and lead by example.

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