Let’s Talk About Code! – Episode 11

Electrician U
Electrician U
Let's Talk About Code! - Episode 11

Every now and then someone will ask “Is there a book, guide, or some resource to learn the code but something that’s designed for newbies, dummies, or someone who just needs to explain it to a for five year old?”

We shouldn’t discount anything that’s going to help you along your journey and we certainly wouldn’t discourage anyone from using resources that will help you learn. But we should also understand that anyone who is in this industry is not incapable of reading and understanding the national electric code. Of course it’s going to be difficult and challenging simply because it’s written in a way that we don’t normally talk on a daily basis. I’d imagine that a lawyer, an engineer, a writer, or some sort of scholar in any field, could easily understand the NEC. But for the rest of us who speak plain English as part of our daily career, it’s not so easy.

So as we become more familiar with articles 90 and 100, we can eliminate those interference points that make learning the rest of the NEC difficult. This isn’t an actual code class. But just some honest and open talk about the challenges that come along with deciphering the code book and ways that we can develop the skill of being able to navigate it.

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