Please Don’t Ask to Use My Tools – Episode 3

Electrician U
Electrician U
Please Don't Ask to Use My Tools - Episode 3

I once heard someone say, “You can borrow my tools if I can borrow your wife”

Our tools are an extension of our hands. Not having them makes it impossible for us to do our work and make a living. Even when you lose something small like a screwdriver or a hex wrench, that can COMPLETELY ruin your day! It’s like if you broke the “H” key on your computer and you needed to write an important email, you’re going to be frustrated every time you typed a word with the letter “H” in it as you tried to think of other words to use in its place.

Where is that line between “doing a favor” when loaning/borrowing a tool vs. being depending on it consistently? And at what point do you realize that the amount of borrowing justifies purchasing it for yourself?

We tend to be a little apprehensive when our friends, family members, or even some of our customers want to borrow our tools. We don’t want to get them back with something broken or missing. But how do you handle this situation “gently” with the people whom you love, respect, or otherwise want to “impress” without presenting yourself as a total jerk?

Even when we have to work alongside day-laborers, this can prove to be challenging because the worker is there to help, but they have a look of expectation as to say, “If you want this work done, I need you to provide the tools” only for them to lose them or walk away with them at the end of the day.

So when we buy, store, collect and organize our tools, we also need to protect our livelihood. And the only way this can happen is that we kindly admonish others by stating, “Please don’t ask to use my tools!”

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