Tool Review – Diablo Demo Demon 9″ Carbide Sawzall Blades

Electrician U
Electrician U
Tool Review - Diablo Demo Demon 9" Carbide Sawzall Blades

Something electricians use the hell out of daily are sawzall blades. As you progress in your career you will find that there are cheap crappy blades, and slightly more expensive BADASS blades. Enter Diablo.

Diablo has been on the rise lately making blades for sawzalls and circular saws that are incredible. I’ve gotten to use these 3 blades for awhile now and can say with absolute certainty that I’m a Diablo guy for life. Not only do these blades cut through exactly what they’re inteded for with ease, they last 20 times longer than most other bi-metal blades because of the construction of the teeth and the density of the blade. These aren’t your average bendable Lowe’s special crap blades. These are engineered with carbide teeth for strength, cutting efficiency, and longevity.

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