Tool Review – Husky 22 inch Rolling Tool Bag (Tote)

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Tool Review - Husky 22 inch Rolling Tool Bag (Tote)

This Husky 22″ Rolling Tool Bag is a beast! I was fortunate enough to have Husky send it to me to try out, and I’m really in love with it. It’s a bit larger than I was anticipating, but the capacity it has to reduce several bags down to one is impressive.

I’ve used other brands of rolling tool bags in the past and have been impressed with most of them. I’ve found however that pockets and pouches have always been an afterthought with other brands. Most brands use their rolling bags as a sort of “catch-all”

This 22″ bag has so much storage that I was able to reduce my 3 bags I normally carry around into this one bag. Plus when you pull the handle up it’s large enough to hold more bags on top of it if you also had a technician backpack or any other bags to carry.

The downside to this large of a bag is that it is extremely heavy when loaded up with tools. Trying to pick it up and get it in and out of the truck is a pain in the ass, plus it is so bulky that it doesn’t fit well in the back seat of my Titan. It goes just fine in the bed of the truck, but I don’t like storing tools back there because people steal things.

As far as WHAT this bag can hold, I’d say it holds virtually everything you’d need it to. I got my sawsall in it, as well as a 24oz hammer and pry bar, along with 2 drills, a charger, all of my hand tools, levels, tape measures, extra bags of bits, a set of T-handle allan wrenches, multimeters, flashlights, the list keeps going. I actually didn’t have enough tools to fill the pouches without just stuffing random stuff in that I don’t use.

In summary this bag rocks if you have the space for it and don’t mind the weight. It’s a little big for everyday use. Once you start rolling it around though the weight disappears; it’s really only an issue when lifting. There’s not much you can’t carry in this tote, the amount of storage room in it is outstanding. I give this bag a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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