Weapons On The Job – Episode 33

Electrician U
Electrician U
Weapons On The Job - Episode 33

As with many service based industries, the electrical trade causes us to have to go into some potentially dangerous situations. The dangers aren’t just trade related with the technical aspects of the job. But sometimes we have to go into some areas where crime is rampant, and we have to take responsibility for own personal safety.

But at what point do you forgo your weapon when at work? Do you leave it behind as a courtesy or a requirement for a jobsite where weapons are prohibited? Do you leave it behind in respect for a customer or client who would rather that you didn’t have a weapon near their children or family? Or do you keep it on you at all times as a means of being fully prepared for any threat of physical danger? We may even justify carrying weapons in places where they’re prohibited as part of our collection of tools.

Join us for our podcast discussion as we discuss having Weapons On The Job.

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