Shop Talk is our series of interviews and conversations with various people in the industry.  Many of these people are instructors, material manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, and electricians.
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The Franchise Business Model with Mister Sparky Electric

Today we talk with CEO Mark Dawson of Mister Sparky Electric about starting and/or entering a franchise in the Trades.  Whether you’re interested in joining a franchise or starting your own, this episode can give you some pro’s and con’s that you may not be aware of.

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Brand New Replacement Breakers


In this video we sit down with Connecticut Electric Supply to discuss their brand new replacement breakers for older Federal Pacific, Push-Matic, Zinsco, Challenger-A, & Wadesworth panels.

The State of the Electrical Trade

Today we’re joined by Master Electrician Don Metcalf, former instructor for the Central Texas IEC.  We talk about the skills gap, the need for more training, and the direction of the trade compared to the “old-school” days.

Thoughtfulness and Mindfulness

Today we talk with Master Electrician Angle Savoy about her experiences in the electrical trade, as well as topics like gender equality and mindfulness in the trades.

Half a Century In The Electrical Trade

We’re visited by Master Electrician and retired Chief Electrical Inspector, Wayne Robinson, of Capital Electric Supply.   We discuss the topic of training, current inspection methods, and get into what he’s seen in the past 50 years of involvement in the electrical trade.

Do You Work Slow? (Two Kinds of People)

Do you get told often that you work extremely slowly?  Maybe you’re told you work too fast?  In this episode we dive into the topic of the two different methodologies of speed in the trade and why both are acceptable, yet both are argued over at great length.

Why You Should Become An Electrician

This is an interview I did with the Coffeezilla channel on YouTube talking about the reality of “get rich quick schemes” and why it’s important to have a skill that you hone over years and years.

This week, Dustin Stelzer of Electrician U talks to us about the importance of education for tradespeople, what it means to be in the right seat at the right time, and how to grow your business with a great product and even better people.

Apprentice & Master Shoot the Sh*t

In this episode I talk with a former apprentice of mine about his thoughts and progress so far as an electrician.