TOOL REVIEW – Husky 16-inch Pro Mobile Office Organizer

I often have notebooks, paperwork, files, a codebook, and other things that I need to keep in my truck. Traditionally I just used my passenger seat or the top of my center console for this, which meant that every so often all of my stuff went flying through my truck lol. I needed something to put all of it in that keeps it tucked away and secure. Read More

TOOL REVIEW – Husky Weatherproof Toolbox

Well, this is a bit of a surprise, I didn’t know Husky made weatherproof carry-cases like this. I have a couple of gun cases that are similar but I’d never have thought to keep one of these for tools. Let’s check it out! Read More

TOOL REVIEW – HUSKY 15-Piece Screwdriver Set

I have not used a standard set of screwdrivers in over a decade. Everything I use is designed specifically for electricians, even those that are not electrically insulated. Home Depot sent me this set Husky set so let’s see what it has to offer an electrician. Read More

TOOL REVIEW – HUSKY 2-1/8 in. Quick-Release Tube Cutter

Electricians are no stranger to using various methods to cut conduit and tubing. Most of the time we use a sawzall or a bandsaw to cut hard conduit, and a ratcheting pvc cutter for pvc conduit. Many of us have a sly trick up our sleeve when it comes to those “tight” instances where you can’t fit any of these tools in a confined space - introducing the Husky Quick-Release Tube Cutter. Read More

TOOL REVIEW – HUSKY 19 in. Pro Hybrid Tote with Tool Organizer

This is a cool little bag that gives you a lot of portability options with your tools. I am a huge fan of hard-cases for use in the electrical trade, especially for storage in your truck or van for “extra” tools. I use hard bags to keep things that I don’t use as often, but still use somewhat frequently; like large channel-locks, roto-splitter, speed-square, monkey-wrench, spare drill bits, hole-saws, crimpers, etc. Let’s see how this Husky tote stacks up. Read More

TOOL REVIEW – HUSKY 16 in. Pro Mobile Office

The 16-inch Pro Mobile Office by Husky is a neat idea for keeping up with documents and some basic tools and equipment in your work-truck. It can be used to keep “glove-box-items,” flashlights, files, and many other things and is designed more for carrying office supplies, more than tools. Read More