TOOL REVIEW – Dewalt 4LB FG Engineer Hammer

I was sent this DeWalt 4-lb mini-sledge hammer to test out, and as an electrician I’m no stranger to a sledge hammer. This thing is pretty small, so I have my doubts about it working for my type of use, but lets see how it holds up. Read More

Episode 39 – Using Ohm’s Law In The Field – ELECTRICIAN MATH REAL WORLD EXAMPLES

Doing math, for many people, is one of the things that holds them back from advancing in their career as an electrician.  “I’m just not good at math,” I often hear.  Knowing how to apply Ohm’s Law calculations in the field is crucial for your ability to think critically, on the fly, about what may be happening in a circuit - and electrician math is really not that scary.  Let’s dive in. Read More

Episode 33 – Contactors – TYPES AND HOW THEY WORK

Contactors are heavy-duty electromagnetic switches that are normally used in controlling large lighting loads and motors. They operate similar to relays, but often times deal with more voltage, higher amperage, and have more input and output options. Read More