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How To Wire a Switch Top Receptacle

Switch-top receptacles aren't that difficult to understand. They're basically just a receptacle wired to a switch, however, we only wire half of the receptacle, not the entire switch.

How To Wire a DEAD-END 3WAY

A dead-end three-way is a wiring method that takes a little bit of understanding of how three-way switches work in general. The difference between a dead-end three-way and a normal three-way switch setup is in the wiring at each end of the scenario.

How To Wire 3WAY Switch Loops

Three-way switch loops are a combination of a three-way wiring setup and a switch loop setup. In this scenario the incoming power is run to a nearby light fixture, then it branches out with three conductors leaving the light fixture and going down to one of the boxes on one end of the...

How To Wire Switch Loops

Have you been scratching your head when it comes to wiring switch loops? Most people do when they first start messing with them. The good news is, we have a members-only video on that exact topic. Enjoy!

Shipping Fixed!!!

Ok, we got a new plugin for the site that has much different shipping procedures for the carriers which gets us way better pricing. Sorry for the inconvenience everyone, again just so you all know – whatever you paid for shipping from the last few days, if we find that you paid over what...

News about giveaways, memberships, and shipping costs

Well, folks, we’re learning as we go. There are 2 issues we’ve found in the new site that we’re addressing immediately. 1) People have been overpaying for shipping, we’re going to refund you anything charged above true shipping cost from the carrier if you ordered merch. 2) We’re making an option to not have...

Christmas 2021 GIVEAWAY

Thank you for joining the UCREW! Your membership just bought you an entry into the giveaway so CONGRATS! Now just grab some eggnog, maybe spike it with something to give it “character” – and tune into this Wednesday’s LIVE on Youtube @ 5 pm CST to see all the possibilities of things you might...