The Spark

Your place for FREEBIES! Whether you’re looking for practice tests, tool recommendations, podcasts to listen to, or need a tool list to start up your apprenticeship with…THE SPARK is your place

Apprentice Tool List

Not sure what tools you need to start your apprenticeship?  Here’s a list to get you started, as well as some recommendations those of us who work out in the field with you.

FREE Practice Exam

Everyone is looking for sample exams to take while studying for their state licensing exams.  We’ve put together a short 20 question exam that you can take FOR FREE!!!

Book List

Wondering what books you should buy to learn more about electricity?  We’ve compiled a list of some great reads that will help you build a well-rounded understanding of your craft.

Free Videos

We’ve put all of our YouTube content here on so you don’t have to sit through the YouTube ads!

Tool Reviews

We go through all kinds of hand tools, multimeters, testers, power tools, bits, and more – use them – and give you our opinions of them.

Electrician U Community

These are all of the places where we weirdos hang out together.  Join in and be a part of the conversation.  We don’t bite…ok well some of us might.

Shop Talk

Conversations with people in and surrounding the electrical industry.  Some of it is just banter, some is educational, and some is serious.  Check it out!