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BIG NEWS EVERYONE!!! Milwaukee is doing a #LightTheSite contest right now where they’re giving away over $5,000 in lighting products to ONE lucky winner. If you’re using old crappy incandescent, quartz, halogen, or fluorescent job-site lights this contest is for you!

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Tool Review – Husky 5-80 ft. lbs. 3/8 in. Drive Digital Display Torque Wrench

As an electrician I was excited to test out this digital torque wrench by Husky.  In the electrical trade torque specifications are important on a lot of terminations we make.  If you have too loose of a termination on an electrical component it could cause an arc, resulting in an electrical fire.  Loose terminations are also responsible for excess heating of a conductor (wire) which over time can melt the insulation surrounding a wire, and cause a short-circuit or ground-fault.  So how did the tool perform?

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