Tool Reviews

Check out some of the tools we’ve reviewed ranging from hand-tools, testers, power tools, bags, and much more!

TOOL REVIEW – HUSKY 19 in. Pro Hybrid Tote with Tool Organizer

This is a cool little bag that gives you a lot of portability options with your tools. I am a huge fan of hard-cases for use in the electrical trade, especially for storage in your truck or van for “extra” tools. I use hard bags to keep things that I don’t use as often, but still use somewhat frequently; like large channel-locks, roto-splitter, speed-square, monkey-wrench, spare drill bits, hole-saws, crimpers, etc. Let’s see how this Husky tote stacks up.

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TOOL REVIEW – HUSKY 16 in. Pro Mobile Office

The 16-inch Pro Mobile Office by Husky is a neat idea for keeping up with documents and some basic tools and equipment in your work-truck. It can be used to keep “glove-box-items,” flashlights, files, and many other things and is designed more for carrying office supplies, more than tools.

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