Which Bandsaw Should I Buy? DEEP CUT, COMPACT, or SUB COMPACT?

I have all 4 models of Milwaukee bandsaws, two are M18 and two are M12. Here’s the pros and cons of each.

Milwaukee has two different battery systems, the M12 and the M18. The M12, as you may have guessed, is the 12-volt platform – while the M18 is the 18-volt. Both are great and have very specific design considerations that belong in different categories. So when thinking about buying a new bandsaw, think about the true use of the tool beforehand.

First off, are you wanting to cut really small things or really large? Or would you prefer something in the middle that gets a cross-section of both worlds?

Next, do you want something light-weight that you can use on the top of a ladder without killing your arm lifting it over your head, or would you prefer something really lightweight?

Lastly, how often are you using it? Is this an all-day, everyday need or will you only pull it out every once in a while?

Once you know these questions you can begin to assess whether or not you’ll need the stout 18-volt system that is far heavier, and heavier-duty – or if the 12-volt light-weight, low power consumption model will work better.


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