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Electrician’s Hole-Saw Kit by Diablo

Today we talk about the Diablo 16-Piece Electrician's Holesaw kit, and how it differs from most other hole-saw brands out there. This kit is primarily for drilling out holes for conduit fittings, so the sizes are limited to what electricians use for terminating into enclosures.

Episode 46 – Craftsmanship – MASTERING YOUR CRAFT

Most journeyman electricians end up leading jobs for the first time when they get their license, and for some it’s an overwhelming task that they feel is unmanageable. There are a lot of tips and tricks from the older leads that can be learned, and if taken seriously will make things...

Episode 38 – 11 Confusing Code Terms – UNDERSTANDING THE NEC

Let’s face it…the national electric code book is probably the most difficult construction document to read and understand. It’s written like a court document in legalese, using terms none of us use in the field, for the sake of liability and C.Y.A. These are 11 terms that are used in...

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