Should Romex Be Stapled Neatly? DOES IT MATTER??

We electricians hear about this phrase “do all electrical work in a workman like manner” from the NEC, so here’s my thoughts about how it applies to the aesthetics of running Romex (NM cable). There are two schools of thought out there from a lot of electricians, have… Read More

The Difference Between GOOD and BAD Electricians

What separates the quality from the riff-raff? In this episode, I give my OPINION about what it takes to be a good electrician from watching the guys who came before me. Being good at anything requires constant study, dedication, commitment, and pushing yourself beyond your old boundaries. Being a good… Read More

Should I Go To Trade School?

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CRAFTSMANSHIP – Mastering Your Craft

A lot of people get stuck working a job they hate, because they aren’t passionate about what they do, or are not driven to excel at their craft. Today we’re going to talk about what it means to be a craftsman and taking seriously the job that… Read More

ELECTRICIANS – Union or Non-Union?

I get asked all the time, about this whole “union vs non-union” debate. I’m tired of the divisiveness it creates when people argue over which one is better, so here’s my thoughts. Facebook Page:… Read More

FOLLOWERSHIP – How To Be An Effective Helper

It’s easy to talk about what it means to be a great crew-lead, but what most people don’t think about is what makes a good follower or helper.  This is really a deep methodology that takes wisdom and purpose to execute so let’s crack it open for a minute. WHAT… Read More