Circuit Breakers- How they work and the different types

This Video is Sponsored By Connecticut Electric What is a CB? Circuit breakers are safety devices that stop the flow of electricity when it’s specifically rated parameters are passed. These can come in a few forms, the first is an Overcurrent Protection Device or OCPD… Read More

How Circuit Breakers And Electrical Panels Work

A lot of green apprentice electricians ask about how panels work, and more specifically what the roll of the circuit breaker is.  Some guys think that breakers “put out” electricity, or that they “send” a certain amount of amperage to a load from the panel.  This is not how it… Read More

How Circuit Breakers Work – Whats Inside A Breaker

This episode is all about breakers, from the outside-in. I cover the differences between single-pole, two-pole, and 3-pole breakers. I talk about how a breaker is a simple spring-held mechanical switch that operates by an internal electromagnet. Finally I take a Square D single-pole breaker apart and show you how… Read More

Whats Inside A Plug and A Switch

In this episode I take apart a standard receptacle and a decor switch and show what is inside. I show how a plug is really just small pieces of metal that are electrically conductive. I also talk about how you can run separate circuits to a plug by cutting the… Read More


Contactors are heavy-duty electromagnetic switches that are normally used in controlling large lighting loads and motors. They operate similar to relays, but often times deal with more voltage, higher amperage, and have more input and output options. CONTACTORS Contactors are extremely useful pieces of equipment that allow switching of… Read More


A relay is a type of electromagnetic switch, similar to a contactor, that can be controlled remotely with electricity, rather than needing manual input as a standard switch would. CONTROL RELAYS Relays can be used to control normal loads, as a contactor would, however the benefit of a relay… Read More

TRANSFORMERS – What They Are, How They Work, How To Size Them

Let’s open up a transformer and dig through it to see how they work. Transformers are extremely useful devices used in electrical systems to raise and lower voltage. They’re also used for isolation, typically in cleaning up power. They only exist in the world of Alternating Current however, so in… Read More