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Outlawed Panels and Breakers

There are a whole bunch of old breakers and panels that are installed in many residences that have created fires and taken lives. Here's a little overview of the different types. This is not a deep dive into each brand, which will be coming soon.

TRANSFORMERS – What They Are, How They Work, How To Size Them

Let’s open up a transformer and dig through it to see how they work. Transformers are extremely useful devices used in electrical systems to raise and lower voltage. They’re also used for isolation, typically in cleaning up power. They only exist in the world of Alternating Current however, so...

Episode 33 – Contactors – TYPES AND HOW THEY WORK

Contactors are heavy-duty electromagnetic switches that are normally used in controlling large lighting loads and motors. They operate similar to relays, but often times deal with more voltage, higher amperage, and have more input and output options.

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