The First Ever USB – GFCI!!!

Electricians!!! Drumroll please……Finally, we have a USB-GFCI device! Legrand, thank you! For the longest time customers have been asking if we can get a GFCI that has USBs in it for them to use in their kitchens on the countertop. The problem has been that nobody has made such advice… Read More

How To Install a Bathroom Fan TIMER SWITCH

 Damnit Josh! I come home constantly to find my kid’s bathroom fan on…like all of the time! Here’s a good solution, put a timer switch in there on the fan leg so the fan shuts off on its own after a certain amount of time. First I had to remove… Read More

How To Install a Surge Protector

Video Sponsored by Square D SPDs? You should get that checked out. These days our homes seem to be spilling over with new technology and sensitive electronics, thus the surges of yesterday are only getting more and more costly. Most homeowners blame lightning for the majority of electrical… Read More

How to Replace an Electrical Service Panel (PART 2)

Now that we’ve gotten the enclosures mounted on the wall and the riser built it’s time to install the breakers and tie this service up. I’ve landed my service entrance conductors into their places, now it’s time to start dealing with the circuit breakers and branch circuits. When… Read More

How to Replace an Electrical Service Panel, Meter, and Riser (PART 1)

FINALLY! I’m replacing my old Zinsco dinosaur of electrical service with a new Plug-On-Neutral Square D Panel…and I’ve filmed it all for your enjoyment. GET A PLUG-ON-NEUTRAL PANEL: First I had to pull a permit and schedule the POCO (power company) to come out and disconnect the… Read More

How To Wire For & Install 4-Way Switches

In this video I talk about how to wire for and install 4-way switches. 4-ways are very similar to 3-ways, and in fact you use 2 3-way switches in a 4-way setup. First you have to think about the reason why you need a 4way. 4way setups are… Read More

How To Wire For and Install A Switch

This episode covers the basics of installing an electrical switch. I cover mounting boxes, drilling holes, running 12/2 romex from a power source to a new switch box. From that switch box I install another piece of 12/2 romex to a light above. After wiring and rough-in I install a… Read More

How To Wire For And Install A Plug-In Receptacle

In this episode I talk about how to install an electrical plug-in receptacle. Plugs are pretty day one helper stuff, but I talk about some methods of twisting joints, using strippers, cutting sheathing, and mounting the devices that maybe some teachers out there don’t use. As an apprentice, getting used… Read More