How To Install a Bathroom Fan TIMER SWITCH

 Damnit Josh! I come home constantly to find my kid’s bathroom fan on…like all of the time! Here’s a good solution, put a timer switch in there on the fan leg so the fan shuts off on its own after a certain amount of time. First I had to remove… Read More

Safety Toe Work Boots- Steel, Composite or Carbon?

This video was sponsored by Ariat Chop, chop, choppin the Boots! Anyone with experience in the trade knows how important it is to own a solid set of boots, and toe caps are a huge part of what makes a boot safe to wear out in the… Read More

How To Install a Surge Protector

SPDs? You should get that checked out.   But why though?  These days our homes seem to be spilling over with new technology and sensitive electronics, thus the surges of yesterday are only getting more and more costly. Most homeowners blame lightning for the majority of… Read More

How to Replace an Electrical Service Panel (PART 2)

Now that we’ve gotten the enclosures mounted on the wall and the riser built it’s time to install the breakers and tie this service up. I’ve landed my service entrance conductors into their places, now it’s time to start dealing with the circuit breakers and branch circuits. When… Read More

How to Replace an Electrical Service Panel, Meter, and Riser (PART 1)

FINALLY! I’m replacing my old Zinsco dinosaur of electrical service with a new Plug-On-Neutral Square D Panel…and I’ve filmed it all for your enjoyment. GET A PLUG-ON-NEUTRAL PANEL: First I had to pull a permit and schedule the POCO (power company) to come out and disconnect the… Read More


I’ve always thought we should make our home and businesses have smart electrical systems. Something that can monitor the entire system, give feedback and notifications, and even help diagnose potential problems. Well…welcome to WISER ENERGY. GET A DISCOUNT ON A WISER ENERGY MONITOR: 10% OFF IF YOU… Read More

Electrical Wire Color Coding Used By Electricians

Have you ever wondered why electrical wires and circuits have so many colors? What does it all mean? Let’s dig in. The primary reason for electrical color coding is to identify all of the different conductors in a circuit. Every conductor in a circuit has a relationship to… Read More

Should Romex Be Stapled Neatly? DOES IT MATTER??

We electricians hear about this phrase “do all electrical work in a workman like manner” from the NEC, so here’s my thoughts about how it applies to the aesthetics of running Romex (NM cable). There are two schools of thought out there from a lot of electricians, have… Read More