Category: Materials and Methods

Outlawed Panels and Breakers

There are a whole bunch of old breakers and panels that are installed in many residences that have created fires and taken lives. Here's a little overview of the different types. This is not a deep dive into each brand, which will be coming soon.

Finally!! A USB-GFCI Device!!

For the longest time customers have been asking if we can get a GFCI that has USBs in it for them to use in their kitchens on the countertop. The problem has been that nobody has made such a device because there’s so much electronics that have to go on the inside, but the...

Arc-Fault, Ground-Fault, and Dual-Function Circuit Breakers Explained

This video was sponsored by Schneider Electric AFCI/GFCI/DF There’s no doubt that if you’re in the electrical field, you’ve heard the phrases “arc fault”, “dual function”, and “GFI” a few times and been a bit confused about what the differences are, or if it even matters.  Well my friends, this week we lay all...

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