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Gearing Back Up!

Well my friends, after quite a few months off I’ve got a whole new round of videos coming out on YouTube this month!  I’ll still be posting (2) videos per week – Mondays and Wednesdays like before.  I’ll still be active on Instagram, Discord, and Facebook, and now I’m offering merch and practice exams...

TRANSFORMERS – What They Are, How They Work, How To Size Them

Let’s open up a transformer and dig through it to see how they work. Transformers are extremely useful devices used in electrical systems to raise and lower voltage. They’re also used for isolation, typically in cleaning up power. They only exist in the world of Alternating Current however, so...

Electrician’s Hole-Saw Kit by Diablo

Today we talk about the Diablo 16-Piece Electrician's Holesaw kit, and how it differs from most other hole-saw brands out there. This kit is primarily for drilling out holes for conduit fittings, so the sizes are limited to what electricians use for terminating into enclosures.


This video covers everything you need to know about working with EMT (electrical metallic tubing) as an electrician. I cover the topics discussed in the national electric code article 358 on uses permitted, securing and supporting, and much more. This video is more of a code-overview of EMT, so let’s begin...

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