Can Electricity Travel Through Wood?

Does electricity travel through wood? Well we see trees, homes, and power poles get struck all the time, but we’re also told that wood is an insulator…so what gives? ARIAT BOOTS: Save 10% off your first order – Dustin’s Favorites – Holiday Sale 11/21 – 11/30 –… Read More

Resistance/Impedance (Ohms)

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Electric Current (Amperes/amps)

Electric current is one of the hardest things to wrap your head around when you’re first getting into the electrical trade.  Many apprentice electricians get confused with the difference between current and amps.  Well, that’s because people talk about electrons and charges and interchange the terms without really knowing what… Read More

Difference Of Potential (VOLTAGE)

Voltage is an electromotive force created by a difference of potential. Therefore the terms voltage and difference of potential can be interchangeably used. The term “difference of potential” is often used in describing the ability of an electric circuit to create movement. Just like in Physics you have potential energy… Read More