Category: Tool Reviews

TOOL REVIEW – Dremel 4000

I’ve gotten to use a lot more of Dremel’s tools lately, and most of what they offer are tools for the arts & crafts user. However they do have a few tools that the pro-user can benefit from, such as this Dremel 4000. Let’s take a look.

TOOL REVIEW – Ryobi ONE+ 18V Brushless 3-Speed Impact Driver

I’ve been getting to use a lot more Ryobi stuff over the past couple years, and I have to say they’ve definitely stepped up their game. I wouldn’t consider them a pro-grade option for tradesmen, but I have to admit - for literally anybody else these tools are providing a hell...

TOOL REVIEW – RYOBI ONE+ Soldering Station

When this thing showed up I was blown away. I’ve soldered with a standard soldering iron before, but I’ve never seen a battery-powered soldering station before. Let’s crack it open and see how it does.

TOOL REVIEW – Gorilla Grip Max Impact with RhinoFlex

I’m a fan of a GOOD set of gloves to work with every day. The problem is that gloves start coming apart over time, and you have to continually buy new ones. Some are better than others though, so I’m always in search of a new “favorite.” Let’s see...

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