Safety Toe Work Boots- Steel, Composite or Carbon?

This video was sponsored by Ariat Chop, chop, choppin the Boots! Anyone with experience in the trade knows how important it is to own a solid set of boots, and toe caps are a huge part of what makes a boot safe to wear out in the… Read More

Tool Pouches or Tool Bags? WHY DOES IT MATTER???

One of the bigger debates out there between electricians is whether or not you should be wearing tool belts with pouches or working out of bags. I know, a silly argument to have, but on that occurs often so let’s look into it. Read More

13 Tools Apprentice Electricians Need To Have

Since my first tool video I did a few years back, I’ve had so many people ask me for a more condensed list of tools that I would consider as the essentials for an apprentice to buy. This list is ONLY hand tools – not power tools like drills and… Read More


In this episode, I talk about the top 10 bits every electrician will use on job sites. There are many other bits not included in this video, but these are definitely the most used. Website –… Read More