Episode 6 – How To Wire For And Install 3 Way Switches And California (Illegal) 3 Ways

In this episode I talk about how to wire and install 3 way switches and California (illegal or dead-end) 3ways.

I start out by talking about in what situations you’d need a 3-way switch setup. A go step by step and wire two three way switches together and talk about the difference between the hot side and the switch leg side. The first half of the video is dedicated to wiring and installing a standard three-way setup, and the latter half goes into California 3-ways (illegal 3-ways).

In this episode I also talk about running wire neatly, stripping out wire properly, making good joints, and how to rough in and rip out wires in boxes vs how to install the actual three way devices. Finally I hook the circuit up and test it with a light bulb.

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**Disclaimer – These videos are for training purposes alone, all work done on electrical systems should be done by a licensed and insured electrical contractor.  If you are not an electrician, do not attempt any of the work you are seeing in these videos.**


  1. Great series. What is the tool belt you are using in this video? I have been looking for one like it for a while now. Love the organization. Unlike any carpenters pouch and even most electricians pouches I have seen.

    1. I’m using a custom rig that’s sort of a mix. The tool side (the important side) is Klein, and I found it at home depot.

  2. Great video. Very informative and descriptive. Thx for sharing your knowledge! It paints a clear picture and helps in understanding some foggy topics!

  3. Why would using the white conductor out of a NM cable make it an illegal 3 way? It is stated in the NEC that the white conductor in a cable assembly can be reidentified as a hot conductor. Or is it considered a California style illegal water heater wiring as well?

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