TOOL REVIEW – Milwaukee Radius Compact Site Light with Flood Mode

Over the past few years I’ve been noticing a lot of electricians, plumbers, and HVAC guys carrying around Milwaukee jobsite lights.  When I was in New York at the #THDproSpective event Milwaukee had entire area blocked off for their lighting tools.  No other tool company has the lighting technology game on lock down like Milwaukee does.

Recently I was sent a Milwuakee jobsite flood light to test out so I brought it on a jobsite to test it out.  At first glance, this light looks like it’s powerful.  Not only does the reflector wrap completely around the tool, but it has an independent front-facing flood light that can be used if you don’t need to have an entire area lit up.  The tool runs on a standard 18v Lithium Ion battery that you can use on their other power tools like their drill, impact driver, and hackzall.  This makes the battery one that will provide a lot of light for a long time.


This light not only has the ability to work off of a standard 18v Li Ion battery, but it has a female 120v 15a male cord end fixed to the side of it.  If you run out of battery life and don’t have an extra battery charged, you can plug an extension cord in and run the light off of 120v power.  What a great idea!  Additionally this light has two separate functions.  It has an area light that allows you to use it to light an entire area for a long time, as well as a front facing flood light that can shine brightly in one direction.

There’s a nice added surprise on the bottom of the light that allows you to pull a hook out and hang this light from a rafter or anything that will hold the weight of the light.  THIS is a must have function for all lights in my opinion.  The only addition thing that I feel would be great to have is a magnet on the bottom of the light.  There are a lot of times electricians work in metal environments, and don’t have wooden studs to hang things from.  Being able to snap this light to a wall, beam, or steel stud would add a level of versatility to this tool that would make working with it unbelievably essential to tradesmen.


Both the area light and front facing flood light have low, medium, and high modes.  By pressing a “mode” button you can change either light from a low, medium, and or high light level. The handle on top of the tool makes carrying it around very easy, and the overall size is large enough to put out a serious amount of light, but small and light enough to not be cumbersome or take up too much space in the work truck.


This tool gets a 5-star rating in my book.  As an electrician, I’m always working in dark or dimly lit environments, and finding flashlights or headlamps that have longevity and enough power to see what I’m doing is a constant struggle.  This jobsite flood-light is something I will keep on my truck everyday, and will use most days without hesitation.  I see this being a regular tool in my arsenal, and when I’m working in a dark room I can rely on it to provide enough light for multiple people to work anywhere in the room.  It can also be brought up into an attic and hung from a central place to provide light for the entire attic.  No longer will I need to drag corded flood lights and an extension cord into an attic to string out without the flexibility to move them around.  This light is everything I need.

For more detailed information on this site-light, CLICK HERE.

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