Tool Review – Dewalt Cordless Brushless 60v Wormdrive Style Circular Saw

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Holy crap my friends.  Dewalt really killed it with this new 60-volt brushless worm-drive style circular saw.  You read that right…60 VOLTS!!!  This tool uses a new battery platform that, aside from the tool itself, is impressive.

First Impression

Well right out of the box I was drooling at this beast.  I’ve held other corded worm-drive saws before and they’re all heavy and cumbersome.  This…is well, still heavy and cumbersome but it is solid.  There’s no loose tolerances that make this feel like its going to break in your hand.  It is built, like most of Dewalt’s power tools, for rugged professional use.

The package includes the saw, a brand new 7 1/4″ blade already set up in the tool, a 60v FlexVolt battery that also works on their 20v tools, a charger, a hex key for swapping blades, and a bag that’s large enough to fit all of this in it.

The Tool

After putting the battery in and letting this baby rip I notice immediately that the power behind this does not suffer being a battery-operated tool.  That’s one worry that I have when going from a corded tool to a cordless.  For instance some of my rotary hammers that are corded are far more powerful than the cordless alternatives coming out these days.  Not this guy.  There’s a huge amount of power behind this saw.

The marketing team at Dewalt has cleverly called this a “worm-drive STYLE” saw as it is not actually a worm-drive saw.  The tool is configured like a worm-drive saw, and handles/feels like one however the positioning of the battery pack into this tool makes it so a worm-drive motor would not fit in the saw.  That’s why its a “worm-drive STYLE” saw.

The Battery

Dewalt has had this line of 60-volt FlexVolt batteries around for the better part of a year now.  So this battery itself is not technically “new.”  However Dewalt is designing a host of new tools that will work off of the 60-volt platform as well as the 20 volt.  So you can continue to use your standard 20-volt drills with the new 60-volt batteries and get 9 amp-hours of use out of them.  This is huge. Dewalt also has tools coming out that you can combine two of these 60-volt batteries together to get 120-volts of battery power in a single tool!  That’s insane, come on now.

I like how there’s still a charge-indicator on the battery so you can tell how much “fuel” you have left before needing a charge.  That’s a pretty standard concept for most batteries now-days but for someone who’s been using the same old tools for the last 10 years, I’m like a kid in a candy store every time I open a new battery with a fuel guage on it.  None of my old Makita batteries have this, so I’m always trying to guess which batteries are full or empty.


If you’re someone who uses circular saws a lot you already know the benefits of a worm-drive saw over a standard circular saw.  The benefit of this tool is that it is cordless AND brushless, which means it’s portable and you don’t have to screw around with rolling out cords and dragging them between floors or up on a rooftop; AND you don’t have to worry about the brushes wearing out after a year of hard-use.  This tool, hands down, deserves a 5-star rating, no question about that.  This will revolutionize my “sawing” game.  Go get one of these and try it for yourself!

For more detailed information on this saw CLICK HERE.

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