Tool Review – Diablo Carbide Sawzall Blades

Something electricians use the hell out of daily are sawzall blades. As you progress in your career you will find that there are cheap crappy blades, and slightly more expensive BADASS blades. Enter Diablo.

Diablo has been on the rise lately making blades for sawzalls and circular saws that are incredible. I’ve gotten to use these 3 blades for awhile now and can say with absolute certainty that I’m a Diablo guy for life. Not only do these blades cut through exactly what they’re inteded for with ease, they last 20 times longer than most other bi-metal blades because of the construction of the teeth and the density of the blade. These aren’t your average bendable Lowe’s special crap blades. These are engineered with carbide teeth for strength, cutting efficiency, and longevity.

9” Carbide 3TPI Pruning Blade

The first blade that I got to try out was the 9 inch carbide tipped “Pruning Blade.” This thing looks mean as hell, as it has 3 raptor-looking teeth per inch. If you have any tree trimming to do, this blade is as fun to use as a chainsaw. Ok, not really as fun as a chainsaw…chainsaws are beast. BUT ALMOST as fun as a chainsaw. I was so impressed with how easily it cut through dense wood and the blade kept sharp after dozens of cuts.

9” Carbide 6/9TPI General Purpose Blade

Next was the 9 inch General Purpose Carbide Blade. The tooth configuration on this thin is a bit odd, but it has a purpose. At the base of the blade there are 9 teeth per inch, and at the front half there are 6 teeth per inch. The reason they do this is for being able to cut wood with nails embedded in it – they need to mix a light metal, heavy wood tooth configuration together in one blade. The back and front oscillate back and forth so when cutting through a stud with nails it has ZERO problem with the task.

9” Carbide 10TPI Medium Metal Blade

Finally we arrive at the 10tpi Medium Metal Blade. Talk about a beast – this thing cuts through 1/2” Electrical Metal Conduit like butter. It will cut twice the cuts as a bi-metal blade will, and won’t get nearly as hot because the blade spends less time going through the material. Heat and repetitive teeth revolutions are what kill sawzall blades. The less time the blade has to go back and forth, the less time it will heat up and burn out the teeth.


These blades are kickass! Yes they’re a bit more expensive than regular bi-metal blades but they will last 20 times longer. It is worth the investment to start paying more for blades rather than just throwing out crappy blades every couple of days. Carbide tipped blades are the next level in metal cutting technology, and I give these bad boys a firm 5 stars – no question.

For more detailed information on these carbide sawzall blades CLICK HERE.

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