Half A Century In The Electrical Trade – 50 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE

Today I talk to Wayne Robinson from Capitol Electric Supply, a retired master electrician and chief electrical inspector who’s been working in the electrical trade for nearly 50 years.





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It’s amazing to get to talk to the “old-schoolers” in the trade because you get to hear stories about how things used to be, as well as how they’ve watched things change throughout the years. In this episode, I talk to Wayne about his years as an electrician, as well as being an inspector and instructor for a large portion of his career. He shares with us some of the changes he’s seen in the electrical trade, including grounding and bonding language, equipotential bonding in pools, and electrical safety.

Wayne is retired though is currently an instructor with Capital Electric Supply based in Maryland. He’s written books and drawings that he uses as teaching-aids and if you’re interested in finding out more about Capital’s training programs you can find them here: https://www.capitalelectricsupply.com