Customers With Dogs – PUT YOUR DOG AWAY!

I’m a huge dog lover. I have a pitbull named Luna, and I’ve had a dog by my side since I could remember having a side. Maybe it is because of this, that I have the courtesy to put my dog away when somebody comes to work on my house. You should do the same.

I can’t tell you how many times I have had a homeowner tell me oh don’t worry my dog is super friendly, he won’t bite. I’ve also been bitten by those exact dogs within minutes of that owner telling me that. Not all dogs are violent, but all dogs are definitely not human. Dogs do not have manners and they do not behave like we think they will, all the time. Dogs are far more unpredictable when you get them in a really uncomfortable situation and they feel they need to protect themselves or their loved ones. Even the sweetest puppy out there can feel the need to act out of protection, and you will never know why that is.

Some dogs hate people in hats, some don’t like jackets, something about you could remind them of someone that treated them badly, or a smell you have on you could flip their mood on a dime. You don’t know. So it’s best to get out in front of the issue by having customers put their dogs away when you arrive. I do this out of respect for anybody coming to my house, even though I know my dog really well. I also know people very well, at least well enough to know that many of them are uncomfortable around dogs – especially pitbulls. Just the fact that they show fear is enough for a dog to try to muscle in on them when they otherwise may not.

There’s a whole lot on dog psychology, and I am definitely not an expert, but I have owned dogs my entire life and even the ones I’ve trusted the most are not to be trusted from time to time. I’ve also through the years heard so many bite stories from other electricians that I just have a policy from now on to keep my distance from other people’s dogs until they show choosing signals, or signs that they would like to approach me and be my friend. I never just jump in front of a dog’s face and start petting it.

When I am the customer, I always ensure that my dog is put away and if a tradesman would like to pet Luna, and asked me to, only then will I make an introduction. But until that point, I show them the respect of keeping my dog put away so they don’t have to show up to work, and not be able to focus because they’re constantly keeping one eye on my dog. I also never leave my dog alone with a new person in a room by themselves, I’m always in control of the situation when a person is around my dog. So please people…when you have workers over to your home, put your dog away. Let us do our job, and don’t be so ignorant to assume your dog is the one dog handed down from doggy heaven that would NEVER hurt a fly. Prove it, by putting them away until we leave your house. —