Electrician’s Hole-Saw Kit by Diablo

Today we talk about the Diablo 16-Piece Electrician’s Holesaw kit, and how it differs from most other hole-saw brands out there. This kit is primarily for drilling out holes for conduit fittings, so the sizes are limited to what electricians use for terminating into enclosures.


What I really like about this kit is that it doesn’t have a bunch of random sizes that you won’t use. It’s got everything an electrician needs for doing conduit work. Now I’ll admit, I still keep a large selection of other sizes from other brands around because I’ve found certain bits for certain applications that I use over and over. But I’d rather pick these out myself than have a kit with a bunch of useless sizes included in it.

Diablo’s arbors are a little different as well. They use a snap-lock mechanism to adhere the bits into the arbor, which are proprietary for their bits and arbors. However they do include adaptors in the kit for using other brands’ bits. You can’t use another brand’s arbor with the Diablo bits, however, which I do see as a downside to the design…but as long as you keep up with your arbors you shouldn’t need to use any others.

This isn’t a carbide kit but I find that it does an outstanding job of tackling both wood and metal projects. If you’re working with extremely hard or thick metal you should definitely upgrade to a carbide holesaw kit or you’ll find yourself burning through teeth often.

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**Disclaimer – These videos are for training purposes alone, all work done on electrical systems should be done by a licensed and insured electrical contractor.  If you are not an electrician, do not attempt any of the work you are seeing in these videos.**


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