How To Install a Bathroom Fan TIMER SWITCH

Damnit Josh!

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I come home constantly to find my kid’s bathroom fan on…like all of the time! Here’s a good solution, put a timer switch in there on the fan leg so the fan shuts off on its own after a certain amount of time.

First I had to remove the existing single-pole decor switch that controlled the fan originally. When I did, I found some haggard wiring from the 60’s that needed to be addressed, so I rewired the switches and added some equipment grounding pigtails to bring the switches up to code.

Once I got the wiring squared away I started wiring the new Lutron Maestro timer in place. I used this timer because I like the sleek style of it, as well as the multiple time settings. There are tons of different options out there you could pick, I chose this because I have other Maestro switches elsewhere in my house so it made sense for me to match.

Final Product, Faceplate screws installed Vertically!

Once I got it in, I reconnected power and tested it out. Pretty simple, probably a 5-10 minute job for the average electrician – depending on the state of the wiring they find when they open up the switches.


Products Used in Video

Lutron Fan Timer

Klein Multi-Bit Screwdriver

Klein Level

Milwaukee Impact Driver