How to Replace an Electrical Service Panel, Meter, and Riser (PART 1)

FINALLY! I’m replacing my old Zinsco dinosaur of electrical service with a new Plug-On-Neutral Square D Panel…and I’ve filmed it all for your enjoyment.


First I had to pull a permit and schedule the POCO (power company) to come out and disconnect the overhead lines coming into my existing meter. After they disconnected power I was able to begin demo of the old riser, meter, and service panel.

This old service was not built to modern code, as the house was built in 1968. It was the first year residences were built with UFER (Slab) grounds, but the quality of construction back then was lower because there were less standards contractors were held to. I can stand in my yard and reach up to touch my existing service drop, because my Weatherhead is at 9 feet from grade. Also, Zinsco panels are outlawed so you can no longer get OEM parts for them, and really they should just be replaced as a long-term solution to a larger problem.

Once I get the panel, meter, and riser removed it’s time to put up my new Square D 200a Main Breaker Plug-On-Neutral panel. Then I install a new Eaton 200a meter can and 2-inch rigid riser. My service-entrance conductors are 2/0 copper which are rated at 175a in NEC 310.15. (The 83% rule for services between 100-400a applies, so I don’t need my conductors to be 200a rated).

Once I get the riser built I install the new service entrance conductors from the Weatherhead to the meter, then from the meter to the main breaker. That concludes part one of this video; part two will commence in a few days.